We make VR Games.

PaleBlue XYZ is an Indie VR Game Development studio located in the quiet leafy suburbs of Pretoria, South Africa.

We have over 7 Years of combined VR experience and 9 Years of Development Experience.

We also do the following on a selective basis:

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

  • VR Showroom/ Tour Experiences
  • Product Showcases
  • Virtual Training
  • Architectural Visualizations
  • Game Development

Software Development & Software Prototyping

  • Software Prototyping and Software Development.
  • Deploy to various platforms (Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, Linux etc.)

Creative Consultation & Training

  • We consult with a few firms and companies to help them to use the latest visualization tools in presentations given all around the globe.
  • We can help you gain an edge over your competition by implementing and deploying Real-Time Rendering with Unity.
  • We can provide Unity training to groups, modeled around your workflow, or to select individuals in the firm. In -Person training will not be provided to private individuals.

Our Games

Number Hunt VR released in Early Access on Steam!

Number Hunt is a VR Arena-Shooter, that sees you battling it out against up to 3 other Brains!

Check it out here!

AR Number Hunt Released on the Google Play Store!

AR Number Hunt is an AR spin-off from Number Hunt VR.

Get it now on the Play Store!

Our commitment to our Players

We truly care about your feedback, and we want to ensure that you are always having a great time when playing PaleBlue XYZ games.

We try very hard to design our VR experiences to foster a sense of community across all barriers, and if anything or anyone is ruining your experience, we urge you to let us know on the Report Error page so that we can fix it.

Feel free to also just get in touch and say Hi on the Contact Us page! We love getting to know you!

And besides how can we give you Beta Keys if we don't know you? ;)